Commissions are painted on the highest quality materials. I stick to linen made in France or Belgium, usually Artfix or Berge and my paints are made up of a stable of Old Holland, Williamsburg and Sennelier.

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A blurb on Artfix French linen.

For over 40 years, the Narozni family have been crafting fine art supports in Provence France where the warm dry climate is deal for slow and stable drying of the primed fabrics. Close attention to detail makes Artfix not a commodity but a premium product for the educated artist wanting the very best.

By combining time-honored European methods of priming with modern chemistry, Artfix canvases provide a conservator's grade painting surface that assures the direction that you want to take and preserves finished art century after century.

All Artfix linen canvases feature the longest natural thread (fewer knots) for strong, flawless surfaces. All are double sized for protection against oil paints allowing uniform "breathing" which reduces paint film stress. Primers up to 4 layers (84C and 84U) are hand applied and sanded, care that prevents peeling, flaking or cracking. Imagine the time required to apply 6 layers of sizing and primer. An amazing process that produces unbelievable primed canvas.

Since 1664. A blurb on Old Holland artist paints.

Since the early days of oils, artists have made high demands regarding the durability of their work. In order to meet these demands for optimum durability, Old Holland still produces all its classic oil paints according to traditional formulas (the durability of which has been demonstrated over the course of time), supplemented by the latest contemporary insights. The choice of pigments is a unique mix of the best traditional colours and the best pigments derived from the latest technological developments.

I put a considerable amount of work into preparing my canvases so that longevity is guaranteed.

I make my own high quality canvases which may take several days to complete. Using an old classic basket press, I use the assembly to press down the glued canvas onto the backing board allowing the assembly to dry over several days so that a permanent bond will take place, this also prevents the canvasses from warping at a later date.


All commissions including size, canvas options, delivery dates are through negotiation. No two commissions are the same so one size fits all pricing is irrelevant to me.

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Commission availability and delivery dates

New commissions cannot be started before June 2017

Things to consider

Do you want a tonal or simple background? Tonal backgrounds are popular because the painting focuses on the main subject and as such are very popular with portraits. Simple or defocussed backgrounds are popular because they offer a more photographic feel. Detailed backgrounds come at a cost but are the choice for those collectors seeking a painting with detail all the way through.

What size do you want your painting?


tonal background

simple background

Above: Simple Background


Left: Tonal Background.

detailed background


Above: Detailed Background.





Postage & Packaging

Due to the nature and value of our portraits, we choose to send them insured with the best possible service that can be relied on to deliver your portrait in excellent order on time. These prices are determined after the painting is complete depending on destination, delivery speed and insurance. Allow between $100 - $300 unless picking up.